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The Bravo system includes a capsule measuring 6 mm by 5.5 mm by 25 mm and containing a 3.5 mm deep well connected to an external vacuum unit. The physician inserts the capsule orally or transnasally into the esophagus during upper endoscopy. Using the vacuum unit, the physician pulls esophageal tissue into the well and literally pins the capsule into place. The delivery system is withdrawn, and the capsule is left in place to record pH data. Placement of the capsule takes about 10 minutes, and patient discomfort is minimal. Attachment of the capsule creates less trauma to the esophagus than a standard biopsy, and the point of attachment heals within several days.

Once the capsule is in place in the esophagus, it begins transmitting data via radio frequency telemetry to the Bravo receiver, which the patient wears on his or her belt. Once the test is complete, data are uploaded from the receiver to a computer for analysis and evaluation by a nurse or physician.    



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100 S. Ellsworth Ave
Suite 507
San Mateo CA, 94401