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April 16, 2015
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Heartburn is caused by stomach acid backing up into your esophagus. About one third of the U.S. population experiences frequent burning sensations, regurgitation, belching and a sour taste in the mouth. When diets are shifted to healthier choices and proper food combinations, the heartburn often dissipates, a message that perhaps the trouble is not too much stomach acid but repeatedly choosing the wrong foods in the wrong combinations. Blocking your stomach acids with antacids has negative side effects that advertisers don't share with you. A gut with suppressed stomach acid becomes vulnerable to harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites) One of the jobs of stomach acid is to kill these unwanted predators. Sufficient stomach acid would normally have killed off these microbes, but instead, they have an opportunity to enter your gut and cause havoc.

Another job of stomach acid is to help break down certain nutrients for easy absoprtion, especially iron and calcium. Overusing antacids may set you up for osteoporosis or anemia. I know that the advertisements say that your antacid has calcium in it, but calcium needs stomach acid to be absorbed properly.

Stomach acid helps digest protein. When your digestion is compromised, conditions such as gas, bloating, food allergies and dysbiosis (poor intestinal bacteria balance) can develop from insufficiently digested proteins.



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