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September 16, 2015
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How HALO Radiofrequency Ablation is performed?

While a patient is under conscious sedation, a gastroenterologist will insert an endoscope, or a small flexible tube, into the patient’s mouth. Depending on the extent of diseased tissue, the physician will choose one of two ablation catheters to attach to the end of the endoscope: a balloon-mounted catheter (HALO360) or an endoscope-mounted catheter (HALO90). 

The HALO360 catheter has a balloon at its tip that is covered by a band of radiofrequency electrodes and is used to treat larger areas of Barrett’s tissue. The gastroenterologist guides the endoscope so the electrode-covered balloon is on the treatment area, inflates the balloon and delivers a very short burst of controlled radiofrequency energy--for less than one second--to remove Barrett’s tissue. For smaller areas, the doctor will position the HALO90 catheter and its electrode on the diseased area of the esophagus to deliver the energy.



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