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By Lee Eugene MD
July 28, 2016
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Many patients ask us about Flexible Sigmoidoscopy procedure and what should they expect during Flexible Sigmoidoscopy? In order to ensure a safe and thorough procedure, you will need to follow a clear liquid diet and have an enema prior to the procedure. This way your digestive tract is clear and your doctor has good visibility. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to prepare, including which prescription medications are safe to take.
During a flexible sigmoidoscopy, you remain awake and lie on your left side. Usually, no sedative is necessary. Your doctor will:
  1.  Insert the lubricated sigmoidoscope through the rectum and into the anus and large intestine.
  2. Introduce some air into your colon to improve visibility; you may experience some cramping or pressure when this happens.
  3. Examine the images on a nearby monitor.
  4. Possibly insert biopsy forceps through the scope in order to remove a small sample of tissue for further analysis.



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