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August 04, 2016
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Many people believe on the myth that colonoscopy will hurt! Actually, it shouldn't. Prior to the procedure, patients are given a combination of a narcotic and sedative called "conscious sedation." About 95 percent of patients sleep through the entire procedure and wake up with no memory of the experience. About five percent of people experience cramping, and state that it felt similar to the urge to have a bowel movement.

If you are worried about discomfort, or have any fear related to the procedure, please tell your nurse or physician. They can help alleviate your fear and discuss options with you. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable being sedated, or have side effects related to sedation, your physician can perform the procedure without sedation. However, it is less stressful and more comfortable for the vast majority of patients to utilize conscious sedation for a colonoscopy.

If fear is keeping you from scheduling your colonoscopy, consider a virtual colonoscopy. The prep procedure is the same, but a virtual colonoscopy is done in an external CT scanner instead of with an internal scope, and is done without sedation.



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