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July 14, 2016
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Colonoscopy and polypectomy are very safe. Serious complications are rare. These include:

  • Reaction or sensitivity to medication used for sedation (this may affect your breathing briefly)
  • Perforation (puncture) of the lining of the bowel (about 1 patient in 2000-5000)
  • Bleeding - if blood vessels are injected or a polyp is removed (about 1 patient in 300-500)
  • Infection of the bowel, blood, and other organs
  • Heart attacks, cardiac arrest, blood clots, and breathing problems (very rare)
  • There are other very rare complications - please advise if you wish to be given more details

Everything will be done to minimise the risk of these complications. There are ways of detecting these complications early and specific treatments are available if they do arise. Very rarely there may be a need for hospitalisation, major surgery, intravenous feeding, or blood transfusion. Although death can result from complications of colonoscopy this is very rare.



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