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  1. The ‘Prep’ Is Horrible: Firstly, the purpose of a colonoscopy ‘prep’ is to cleanse the colon of all fecal matter so that at the time of the colonoscopy your colon is as clean as possible so that the smallest of polyps can be identified and removed. The stories of the horrible ‘prep’ stem mainly from the days when we would prescribe a gallon of cleansing ‘prep’ solution. Those days are gone, or at least they should be.
  2. The Colonoscopy Will Hurt: Colonoscopy should not hurt. OK, the only thing that might hurt is the intravenous needle that is inserted into your arm. Colonoscopy is typically performed with either of two types of intravenous sedative medications: conscious sedation or propofol.
  3. I Won't Be Able To Handle Not Eating For 24-Hours: I am surprised at the number of patients who actually don’t complain about being starved at the time of the colonoscopy. To be fair, some patients complain about being hungry and most can’t wait until that next meal.
  4. A Colonoscopy Is Embarrassing: Gastroenterologists and the endoscopy center staff understand that a colonoscopy is a potentially embarrassing experience for patients. The entire staff makes the experience as ‘un-embarrassing’ as possible.
  5. There Could Be Complications: The risks associated with colonoscopy are very rare. They include sedation-related complications, bleeding, and perforation (poking a hole in the colon).



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100 S. Ellsworth Ave
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